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Supporting families in Eastern North Carolina and virtually online

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Our Team

Heather, Anna, and Mrika are all mothers and compassionate IBCLCs ready to support you!

Heather serves Greenville and surrounding areas, Anna serves Washington, and Mrika provides Telehealth consultations.

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Lactation Support
Home Visits

Don't want to go anywhere with your newborn? No problem, I will come to you! Lactation consults in your home are where you and your family are most comfortable.

Virtual Lactation 
Consults & Classes

Virtual lactation visits are available for less complex visits, follow-up visits, return to work visits, and educational topics.

Functional Medicine 
Health Coaching

Do you need help making lifestyle changes? Do you want to help your body heal instead of continuing to just treat your symptoms? Functional Medicine helps heal the root cause of your chronic symptoms so you can get your energy back and live life to the fullest!


Client Stories

As a new Mom, I had lots of questions about breast feeding and pumping. I talked with another LC and joined Facebook groups, but I did not get the answers I was looking for until I met Heather! Heather did virtual meetings and in-home visits and was so patient with me and my babe. When I got mastitis a month into breastfeeding, I was able to text Heather late at night and she was always quick to respond and give all the help I needed! When it was time for me to return to work, she helped me prepare and checked on how I and my new baby were doing. I can truly say that the reason I continued to breastfeed was because of the support Heather gave me. I recommend her to all of my Mom friends with BF questions. She is the best!!! 

Mother Nurture Blog

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I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

-Psalms 146:2

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