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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about what a lactation visit looks like, insurance coverage, our service area, or fees - you've found the right place!

What should I expect during my lactation home visit?

First and foremost, we want to make sure your questions and concerns are answered! We know how hard it is to concentrate on anything else when you have unanswered questions. Next, we will review your and your baby’s medical history and assessments will be done for both of you. Your baby will be weighed using a medical scale and a weighted feeding will likely be done (estimating how much the baby transferred during the nursing session). We will assist with latching and positioning and provide guidance and education, where needed. You will receive a summary of what we discussed during our visit and, with your permission, we can send this summary (including weight) to your Pediatrician or OB. The initial visit typically lasts for 90 minutes.

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Do you accept insurance?

At Mother Nurture, we work with The Lactation Network (TLN) which bills many health insurance companies for the lactation support we provide. We are so happy to partner with TLN to make lactation care more accessible to families! To check whether your health insurance plan works with The Lactation Network (TLN), you can apply for pre-approval for Mother Nurture’s services at this link: They typically respond within 24 hours of your request. We are not considered in-network with any insurance companies at this time, however, continue reading to see how your visit may still be covered.


If pre-approved, your lactation visits with Mother Nurture are covered at 100%, meaning you have no out-of-pocket costs (excluding any applicable travel fees). 


If not pre-approved, please know that we can still help! Mother Nurture will provide you with a superbill to seek reimbursement for the services we provided. This means that you will pay at the time of service and a superbill will be provided to you after the visit. You can then contact your insurance company to seek reimbursement. We highly recommend seeking reimbursement for your visit! According to the Affordable Care Act, lactation services are supposed to be covered at 100%, so use this information when seeking reimbursement.

What areas do you serve?

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We currently travel within a 60 mile radius of Greenville, NC. We do have a fee for further distances due to the extra traveling time and gas required. This fee is $1.00 per mile (round trip) outside of a 10-mile radius of Greenville.

What is the cost of a visit?

Visit cost is based on time spent with the IBCLC, which can vary depending on the complexity. All current self-pay pricing can be found by clicking the booking link below and selecting the location or type of visit you prefer. If you have questions regarding self-pay costs, please reach out to us!


I will be offering an online prenatal breastfeeding course soon which will be at a lower price point than individualized prenatal consultations, so check back for that in the near future!

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